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Welcome to the PDS SBN Fall 2005 Comet Data Review

Review Meeting Date: 12 December 2005

University of Maryland, College Park MD

Last update: 14 December 2005, A.C.Raugh


Introduction to the PDS SBN and the review process

The PDS Small Bodies Node is a discipline node of the Planetary Data System (PDS) charged with archiving data concerning comets, asteroids, and interplanetary dust. The PDS archive is a "deep archive," intended to contain sufficient documentation and ancillary data for future scientists to interpret and use the data long after the original scientists or teams are no longer available to help. It is also intended to provide useful data to researchers in a convenient way at the present time. In reviewing the data you should keep in mind these two complementary goals of preserving the data in a way useable to future generations and making the data easily accessible to current researchers.

How to review the data

The review period will be one month prior to the review meeting, 14 Nov - 12 Dec 2004, and the review meeting will be held on 12 December 2005, in the Computer and Space Sciences building of the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. (Here's the agenda.) Please allow yourself enough time to do a thorough review of the data sets.

Follow the step-by-step Review Instructions to insure a complete review of the data. We suggest you read through these instructions at the beginning of the review period and assess how much time will be needed so you can plan accordingly. Also, Mike A'Hearn has provided some more specific guidance in this Letter to External Reviewers.

For an overview of the review process and what to expect at the review itself, see this writeup on The Peer Review Process.

For additional guidance on reviewing the data sets, see this writeup: What We Need from Data Reviewers.

Those who are brand-new to the PDS may find the following references helpful:

The Review Meeting

The Fall 2005 Comet Dataset Review starts on 14 November 2005 and culminates in the review meeting held on 12 December 2005, at the University of Maryland, College Park. The review meeting will be held in the Computer and Space Sciences Building (#224), in room 2316.

Meeting Notes:


Here is the list of liens collected during the meeting:

For each data set, liens collected during the review as well as liens and corrections reported prior to the review are gathered into one list. These data set lists will be available via the "liens" links below. You will also be able to see the complete list of submitted liens and notes in this directory.


The Data

To browse the data, use the links below. Links to download each of the data sets by FTP are available on the individual data set pages.

The lead reviewer and backup lead reviewer are indicated after each data set.

Comet Data Sets

All data sets are presented as PDS volumes.

Volume ID Contents Lead Reviewer Backup
Properties of comet nuclei - tables from "Comets II" M. Belton W. Sparks
The Database of Comet Polarimetry by N. Kiselev W. Sparks M. Mishchenko
Plate model of the Wild 2 nucleus derived from Stardust data. L. Feaga M. Belton
The following SOHO comets 2000 data set (and another for 1996 which was reviewed in April 2006) were superseded by a new, single data set to which additional data will be added as it becomes available. (soho_1996_n_2000.liens">Combined liens list)
Comet images extracted from SOHO observations made in the year 2000 K. Battams L. Feaga


For questions about the data sets, the review, or this web site, please contact Anne Raugh (userid raugh at