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Welcome to the DART Mission Final Peer Review

virtual (Zoom access sent via email)

15 Sep 2023


Last update:Friday September 15, 2023, EMW

Telecon instructions and a cast of characters follow.

15 Sep 2023


Start Time (EST) ID Data Set Lead/Second Reviewer
08:45 Arrive, get settled,...Introductory Notes
09:00 -- 10:15 urn:nasa:pds:liciacube:leia_raw::1.0 LICIACube Leia Raw Data Xiaoduan Zou / Jian Yang Li
urn:nasa:pds:liciacube:leia_calibrated::1.0 LICIACube Leia Calibrated Data
urn:nasa:pds:liciacube:luke_raw::1.0 LICIACube Luke Raw Data
urn:nasa:pds:liciacube:luke_calibrated::1.0 LICIACube Luke Calibrated Data
urn:nasa:pds:liciacube:document::1.0 LICIACube Documentation
10:15 -- 11:00 urn:nasa:pds:dart:data_dracoraw::3.0 DART DRACO Raw Data v3.0 Jian Yang Li / Xiaoduan Zou
urn:nasa:pds:dart:data_dracocal::3.0 DART DRACO Calibrated Data v3.0
urn:nasa:pds:dart:data_dracoddp::1.0 DART DRACO Derived Data v1.0
urn:nasa:pds:dart:document_draco::3.0 DART DRACO Documentation v3.0
11:00 -- 11:45 urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcoimacsraw::1.0 DART LCO IMACS Raw Data Tony Farnham / Xiaoduan Zou
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcoimacscal::1.0 DART LCO IMACS Calibrated Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcoimacsddp::1.0 DART LCO IMACS Derived Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:document_lco::1.0 DART LCO Documentation
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcoswoperaw::1.0 DART LCO Swope Raw Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcoswopecal::1.0 DART LCO Swope Calibrated Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcoswopeddp::1.0 DART LCO Swope Derived Data
11:45 -- 12:30 urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcogt_fliraw::1.0 DART LCOGT FLI Raw Data Tony Farnham / Xiaoduan Zou
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcogt_flical::1.0 DART LCOGT FLI Calibrated Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcogt_fliddp::1.0 DART LCOGT FLI Derived Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:document_lcogt::1.0 DATA LCOGT Documentation Collection
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcogtraw::1.0 DART LCOGT Sinistro Raw Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcogtcal::1.0 DART LCOGT Sinistro Calibrated Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_lcogtddp::1.0 DART LCOGT Sinistro Derived Data
12:30 - 13:30 Break
13:30 -- 14:00 urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_ldtraw::2.0 DART Lowell Discovery Telescope (LDT) Raw Data Collection v2.0 Tony Farnham / Xiaoduan Zou
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_ldtcal::2.0 DART Lowell Discovery Telescope (LDT) Calibrated Data Collection v2.0
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_ldtddp::2.0 DART Lowell Discovery Telescope (LDT) Derived Data Product Collection v2.0
14:00 -- 14:30 urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_mroraw::1.0 DART MRO Raw Data Tony Farnham / Xiaoduan Zou
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_mrocal::1.0 DART MRO Calibrated Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:data_mroddp::1.0 DART MRO Derived Data
urn:nasa:pds:dart_teleobs:document_mro::1.0 DART MRO Documentation
14:30 -- 15:15 urn:nasa:pds:dart_shapemodel:data_derived_didymos_model_v003::1.0 Derived data products for DART shapemodel: didymos_model_v003 Boris Semenov & Alyssa Bailey / Yaeji Kim
urn:nasa:pds:dart_shapemodel:data_derived_dimorphos_model_v003::1.0 Derived data products for DART shapemodel: dimorphos_model_v003
urn:nasa:pds:dart_shapemodel:data_derived_dimorphos_model_v004::1.0 Derived data products for DART shapemodel: dimorphos_model_v004
urn:nasa:pds:dart_shapemodel:document::1.0 Documentation Collection for the DART Shapemodel Archive Bundle
15:15 -- 16:15 urn:nasa:pds:liciacube:data_tnf::1.0 LICIACube Radio Science Tracking and Navigation Files (TRK-2-34) Data Collection Dustin Buccino / Daniel Kahan
16:15 -- 17:00 urn:nasa:pds:gbl-classe:charon_exosphere::1.0 Center for Laboratory Astrophysics and Space Science Experiments (CLASSE) Charon Exospheric Simulation Data John Noonan / Lori Feaga
Notes from...
Finish ~17:15


We will meet remotely using ZOOM (access information is provided to participants via email). This ZOOM is a part of the UMD IT resources, so it is very secure. However, if you have any worries about using ZOOM, let me know, and I will try to organize an alternative access for you.


External Reviewers

PDS Small Bodies Node

NASA Representatives

Data Providers